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Sample Expectations of Employee

As an employee of Widget, Inc., we expect no less than one hundred percent of your loyalty, effort and responsibility to help us achieve Company objectives. Widget, Inc. has a long standing reputation as a fair and equitable business partner. We have built relationships over the years that have helped us get through some of the most difficult economic times.

Our Company is a reflection of the parts that make up the whole. We acknowledge our past and present employees for choosing to do more than their share and always pitching in to help out co-workers whenever and wherever possible. We feel our reputation as a choice employer is reinforced by the daily actions of those people who help the Company meet their objectives. Occasionally, when problems do arise, we make it a point to solve them professionally and confidentially in order to assure all parties’ points have been heard.

Commentary (if any): An Expectation section is intended to give a flavor of the daily actions found at the worksite. It is critical this is accurate or it could serve as a foundation for other discrepancies to take hold- regardless of whether these are real or imagined at the workplace. This section also helps a young organization build a sense of workplace culture.

It may be difficult to capture the flavor of all industries, however the challenge would help set the stage for identifying the types of individuals you need to have working for you. Ask yourself what a visitor to the company would see or hear if they were present on the warehouse floor, in the lunch room or driving home with an employee.

If you don’t like what you hear, this is where your issues need to be addressed and supported with actions in the workplace – not words. Be proud to demand expectations of yourself and your employees.